Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PLN 28

The article "Raiders of the Lost Lake" by Alan Bellows talks about a Russian drilling company in Antarctica that found, but did not disturb, an underwater lake the size of Lake Ontario in Michigan. The lake is underneath 2 miles of glaciers and hasn’t seen sunlight for about 500,000 years or more. If the drill were to breach the ice above the lake 60 gallons of kerosene would fall into the lake and contaminate it beyond repair. The kerosene was to keep the water from refreezing around the drill. The Russians were drilling there to take ice samples because they heard that Antarctica was once a very tropical are with palm trees and all that beachy stuff. Once Australia and South America moved away, they took the warm currents with them and deprived the beaches so that they eventually froze and formed the Antarctica that we know and love. When other scientist heard of the discovery of the underground lake they had a field day and made a pact with the Russians that no military force would be used to take control of Lake Vostok. Scientist had devised a plan to send a drill down that would make a whole that would refreeze after the drill was through. Once it reached the lake the drill would open and send out a camera that would take pictures of all of the creatures down there. Another reason that we don’t want the Russians to keep drilling is because once they reach the lake, all the pressure of the air and water will make an explosion that might send all the water from the lake and the kerosene out into the open air and expose all of the other lakes. This could be a massive learning experience for the science community but what they find may not be community appropriate, as in it might scare every one in the public. The things that could scare them would be the microorganisms in the water, though small could be dangerous or helpful to the community.

PLN 29

The article "A Large Hearted Gentlemen" by Jason Bellows talks about Jim Corbett and his uncanny knack to track large cats in the Indonesian jungle and not to kill them but to track and document them in their natural habitat. The only time Corbett would shoot an animal was when everyone was screaming about the man eating tigers and panthers. He would kill them and learn that they were hunting humans because they were either old or had injuries so they couldn’t hunt regular game. One of the man eaters that Corbett killed was a panther in the Indonesian jungle. He found one of the animals favorite trails and set a goat in the trail, hid in a mango tree and waited for the animal to come. On the 11th day that Corbett was in the tree the animal came, Corbett turned on his light and shot the animal. When he got out of the tree to examine the animal he saw that it had porcupine wounds in its leg that had been there for many years. As most little spikes like that dissolve, porcupine needles don’t, so when the needles go in they don’t come out without some one doing something about it. With the porcupine needles in the cat’s leg, the muscles started to rot and the bone was wearing thin, that’s why the cat hunted humans instead of regular game. I think the lesson from this story is that you shouldn’t make false presumptions when you don’t know the real answer or don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

PLN 27

The article "Gimli Glider" by Alan Bellows talks about how The Gimli Glider, which is a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, got its name. In one particular flight history was made. While the passengers were loading and before the plane took off, the ground crew told the pilots that the gas tank gauges weren’t working but, everything else was okay. The flight started at 5:48 eastern time in Montreal, Canada. They made a stop, to check the fuel, in Ottawa and then didn’t think that they would need to make another stop until they reached Winnipeg, Canada. When they were about 80 miles away from Winnipeg they heard loud noises coming from the left side of the plane, this followed a warning where all the lights to the fuel tank were flashing. At first they didn’t know what had happened but then they felt the plane pulled to the left and they determined that the left engine was out. They called Air Traffic Control Tower in Winnipeg, told them what had happened and were told that they could land at either Gimli or Winnipeg airport. They chose to land at Winnipeg because there was emergency equipment present. About 15 minutes later the pilots called Air Traffic Control back telling them they had now lost both engines, would land at Gimli because it was closer and asked them to send emergency personnel. Gimli airport was decommissioned and closed but not destroyed so there was still a runway but that was used for racing. At the time that the emergency occurred there was a race going on, where a lot of people were gathered. Since both plane engines out and the races activities were loud no one heard the plane trying to land. Luckily someone saw the plane and told everyone to get out of there. The pilots had released an emergency engine that used the wind to power itself and they were able to get the landing gear down except for the front landing gear which was just hanging down there. The plane was able to land safely and no one was killed or badly hurt. Due to the lack of front landing gear, the inflatable slides in the back of the plane were pretty steep so some people got bruised and cut a little bit. The emergency personnel were almost to the crash site when they ran out of gas “which almost ripped a whole in the space-irony continuum.” (Quoted from The plane was able to get back in the air a little later and the fuel tanks when searched were found bone dry. The same 747 still flies to this day in Canada. This would have been one flight I would not like to have taken again.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

PLN 26

The article “Doctor Watson’s Phobia Factory” by Alan Bellows is about how some ethically challenged, over enthusiastic researchers who are willing to conduct research studies that can have life long effects on humans if they are the test subjects. One physiologist like the one described above, John B. Watson, who was experimenting with a baby, which is probably one the most unethical things of all. What he did was use a hammer to hit a metal rod while the baby was holding a furry little animal, and wondered if this would scare the baby enough so that it wouldn’t go near that kind of animal again. The doctor’s thoughts were correct in that when the rod was struck while the baby was holding the animal it would get as far away as possible and maybe start crying. They scientist would give the baby an animal without hitting the rod and the baby would still react the same way. Then they put a rabbit in the baby’s lap and let it sit there for a while and the baby got enough courage built up and started touching the rabbit. After a short time of the baby getting comfortable with rabbit the metal rod was struck and the baby turned away immediately and started crying. The scientist gave the baby one month “off”, they let him go home and not be around animals of hammers. Then brought him back to the lab were they tested the baby again but the month were the baby was gone did nothing for its fear. Soon after Watson finished the experiment and published his discoveries and he was ridiculed because of his unethical experiment and he was also asked to leave were he worked at Johns Hopkins because of his extra marital affairs. In the end Watson lost his job, wife and he couldn’t teach or experiment anymore. This man Watson must have been very curious in the psychological boundaries of science because he went to the extent to mentally upset a baby for the rest of his life. He also based his experiment off the experiment of Pavlov’s notorious dogs had been conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell. The fear might have been reversible if he tried to do some thing but he didn’t have enough time because he needed to get his information published before anyone else. No one knows what happened to the baby and if the fear of animals followed him into adult hood or not because of the unethical experiment. Also, why would the mother or father of the baby let some one do something like this?

Monday, November 23, 2009

PLN 21

In the article "In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates You" talked about when the United States dropped the A-Bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Russia saw that and was amazed because of the destruction of the bomb. So the Russians decided to start trying to make an A-Bomb of their very own to “blow” anyone away in a war situation. When Russia started making their plutonium for the bomb they made a secret facility in the mountains and started dumping the toxic waste into a river than ran almost all the way through the continent. People closest to the river would look at the river and sometimes see a type of discoloration and kind of gloss that isn’t usually there. They were worried because that was the cities drinking water. Mind you the year was around 1945 and Russia wasn’t very up to date technologically wise so they didn’t have clean water. When the organization found out about the contaminated water they tried to clean it up a little bit but it continued. When the people started complaining to the government about how they were coughing up blood and other symptoms of radiation poisoning they organization started to do something about it. What they did was run the radioactive water through 80,000 gallon tanks to cool them off and settle the harmful chemicals in them. What happened was the chemicals would sink to the bottom and pack together and form a TNT like substance and then the less harmful water would pass through into a giant 10 foot deep by 20 acres across lake that wasn’t connected to anything else. After a little while the symptoms had started to die down a little and then when some new plutonium water hit the TNT like substance and exploded and spread about 5 miles. The government had to evacuate the cities close enough to the area that they saw the explosion and felt the acid rain. The group continued to use the containers for running the water through because they couldn’t think of anything else to clean the water with. Soon they figured out that the lake was leaking through the ground and leaking into the drinking water and getting more people sick. They had to close the plant after going public with it and cementing over the lake, which didn’t really do much because the cement just pushed the contaminated water back and down into the dirt. Now in the current day the Russian government had to put signs around a 10 mile radius that tells people to roll up there windows and don’t stop for anything. Also the government had to evacuate the area because of the contamination. That’s why when you do something you need to be prepared.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

PLN 25

In the article "The Wrath of a Killdozer" by Jason Bellows talks about a man that had to shut down his muffler shop and everyone that he was trying to get him to back him up on his case didn't back him up. The people that were trying to get his property but he went to court about it. He wasn't going to win because his building wasn’t hooked up to the public sewer system so the county fined him $2500. While he was working with the county on this case he said he would fix the plumbing issue and everything would be all fine and dandy. He didn’t receive his way and thought that the people that were moving in, which had a cement business, were bribing the mayor and the public to side with them because if you weren’t Marvin Heemeyer best friend you were his worst enemy. So he obviously hated everyone that sided against him and made a list of who he was going to kill because he didn’t get his way. Before he had lost the property he bought a bull dozer to attach his facility to the sewer system but they said no. Before he had to give the property to the cement business he sold it to a trash business and had 6 months to leave. Before he left he still had the bull dozer and thought, why don’t I go on a crazy killing spree rampage before I leave! So he built a 30 ton shell for the bull dozer made of steel plates together and between them was concrete. He packed it full of food supplies and an air tank to help the ventilation and made gun ports in the side of the screaming metal deathtrap. Once he set the shell on top there was no turning back or getting out. He had destroyed a good part of the town when he was plowing through a building and hit a small basement and got stuck and after about 10 minutes of trying to get out he committed suicide. It took the police 12 hours to crack the shell and when they did they saw that he was dead and he, oddly enough, was the only casualty because the police used reverse 911 to call everyone to tell them to get out or they would die and so they did and Marvin Heemeyer was the only casualty of this whole ordeal, which took place in the state of Colorado in Granby. This guy was a total nut case and didn’t have any grounds to go on a psychopathic rampage in a screaming metal deathtrap. He got evicted, so what, he had at least 3 other muffler shops around town he could have gone to work at but instead he had to go on a rampage that cost about 7 million dollars. In the end, do you think this rampage was worth his life?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PLN 24

In the article "It's Official: Water Found on the Moon" by Andrea Thompson showed and talked about the excitement in the science community because someone found water on the moon. They found the water on the southern polar ice cap and now will be sending a couple of space craft to go and dig a little deeper. Scientist said that the only way to have water on the moon was to have it in a crater large enough that it didn’t have any sunlight because if there was sunlight involved then the water would just evaporate because of the thinness of the moons atmosphere. India and the United States will be sending probes to the moon but the Indian spacecraft will not land on the surface of the moon because they don’t have the correct equipment and will just be doing a sort of fly by and looking for other water signatures on the moons surface. Our satellite will be landing in the crater were the water was found and will be searching around for any more traces of water. About 40 years ago we sent the first humans to the moon and they brought back moon rock samples. The bags that were containing the samples had leaked and when they were back on Earth the scientist found water signatures on the rocks but the water signatures were so close to the Earths water signature that the scientist couldn’t tell the difference. Now that we have found water on the moon we have opened so many new doors for space travel and maybe living on the moon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PLN 19

In the article "Fail of the Day" talked about how Jesse McCartney sang the National Anthem at the Pepsi 500 NASCAR race and totally blew it. While he was singing he sang "Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light. Whose broad stripes and bright stars throught the perolis night..." I would call that a major FAIL, because you're a famous and everyone knows who you are and you totaly blow the countries song on LIVE telivision and you mess up the National Anthem. I know I might be sounding like a jerk but it's the National Anthem! You should never blow that no matter what the circumstances. You've got to be a little slow or thick to forget the National Anthem because it's our song! I never really liked Jesse and now I don't have any respect at all for him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

PLN 18

In the article "Attention W!?#e Theater" it talked about a man in Colorado, who owns a pet shop, that broke the world record for most cockroach's in a single mouth for ten seconds. The record was 11 and he put 11 in his mouth and then after he had 11 in his mouth for 10 seconds he continued to add cockroaches  and eventually reached 16. The man did this as a publicity stunt to help his pet shop and because he was cocky and thought he could beat the previous record, around Halloween this year. He also remarked that next year he is planning on getting 20 into his mouth. In my opinion this guy is a total nut case because he thinks the putting 16 cockroaches into his mouth are totally okay. I don’t know about you but I know I would never put even 1 cockroach in my mouth. If you would like to view this article and other articles like this follow this website:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PLN 23

In the article "Wow! Heros exist!" from CNN video on I found this video very moving. It shows two brothers who are also firefighters and a woman whose car flipped and caught on fire after hitting a tree. The firefighters break the windshield and pull the women out and get one of the children out but the other child has his seatbelt on and can’t get out. Some one brings out a garden hose and another person brings out a pocket knife so they can cut the seatbelt. As soon as they get the second child out of the car they hear a loud bang and the fire gets bigger. I think this was some very quick thinking from the firefighters and the neighbors in the area around the crash. If it weren’t for them then we would be three people shorter then before.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLN 22

In the article "Put forth our best writing selves" by Douglas Hesse's point is that all social networking sites will be the salvation of writing in the U.S.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

PLN 20

In the article "The Remains of Doctor Bass" by Alan Bellows talks about a Body Farm near the University of Tennessee so the forensic science students could learn more about forensics and decomposition of the human body. People who donated their bodies to science sometimes go the Body Farm and the students throw the bodies into the woods and periodically check on them to see how they are decomposing and record it and check the body for insects and other items of disgusting-ness. Their first test was a pig that was roaming around on the land before they had any bodies to watch. They shot the pig and within the first hour of it dying a boss fly had laid its larva into the pig because it was dead and was now food. After a couple of weeks the pig was a stiff and there were wasps, flies and maggots all inside and outside of the pig. I won’t go into details about how the pig decomposed but it was really nasty. If you would like to read the article you can at

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PLN 17

After reading the article "This is not about YouTube" by David Warlick was kind of a funny article that talked about the problem with United Airlines

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PLN 16

In the article "This Would Be Really Wierd" by David Warlick it talks about how the work force is almost completely dominated by women, which has never happened before. When men loose the jobs women seem to recieve them all over the world.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PLN 15

The article, "Our Googley advice to students", explains that at Google the employees are all a big team that gets along well. This means that everyone works together as a team and problem solves.This happens because there is so much freedom to say what they think about the projects. With this kind of workplace creativity is very abundant. With good communication skills everybody knows what's going on in the workplace. Since everyone is very friendly and open minded then there is more of a willingness to experiment. Another additional benefit to this environment is when there is a new employee to the workplace everyone will welcome them and teach them the ropes without feeling a sense of competition.

PLN 14

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

In the article Keyboard vs. Pen by Virginia Beringer I agree with the results of that article. When writing on the computer I tend to be more lazy with spelling and grammar because I know that the computer will check it and I can go back and fix it when I'm done. While writing I am more careful especially when writing in pen because if I mess up then I have to restart. Since I usually don’t use a keyboard to write, I write I go pretty fast and don’t usually have a lot of mistakes.

PLN 12

In the article "Footprints in the Digital Age" by Will Richardson, he talked about how his kids wouldn't be able to be Googled well. He's not saying they won't be able to use Google but that when they type there names into Google they won't find themselves like they wanted. This also relates to the Digital Footprint article that we read in class. Depending on how big your digital footprint is, is how much and how widley you will be known. An example would be when while I was reading this article I decided to Google myself and it came up with my science fair ranking in the 8th grade at my old middle school. He just talked about how if you want to be able to Google yourself, then you need to get involved.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PLN 11

In the video from Mr. Fisch called the 2020 Vision, it described what would happen in the future like Google and Microsoft teaming up and making almost a monopoly of the computer industry and how the 100 dollar laptop project successfully sent it's first real $100 laptop in 2014 to countries like Africa and they were powered by the Google Grid. This is made of highly efficient solar cells. With the price of laptops around $400 they were considered a mandatory school supplies. This meant that everyone at Arapahoe had a laptop so the school was all digitally organized. While in the process of going digital the school brought in Google Cam to make sure, even if you weren't at school, you could still be in the class with Skype and making the video a pod-cast. The school was now completely digital know and they were doing everything to improve it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

PLN 10

Don't, Don't, Don't vs. Do, Do, Do by Will Richardson talked about how when he went to a school where he presented for the teachers. While he was walking in he picked up a packet that explained what students can't do with the computers at the school, and as he read it, he thought that he would beg not to use the computers because you could barely do anything on them. It shouldn't talk about what you can't do, but what you can do on the computers, like you can publish your best work on our websites and you can edit your papers to make them better to help you learn. You should try to encourage rather then discourage. Some say use the carrot not the stick.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In the article "Reasoning Our Way In" by David Warlick, it talks about how when he was a kid growing up there was only one kind of watch, a analog watch and now when you see a watch it's digital. When he sees his children playing video games he asks them what the rules are, but they don't know. What they do is go into the game without knowing the rules or goal and learn as the game knows. They are ready to work the problem rather than remember the combination. Through this process we learn to go in open minded to situations which we haven't learned or dealt with before. This shows that kids don't know sometimes, but they have better reasoning when they are younger then older.

Friday, September 18, 2009


In the video "A Video of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch, there is a class room with students that are in college and hold up papers that talk about how long they spend talking on the phone or on Facebook or working on homework each day. It' interesting how many of them don't do there homework or don't even show up to class. How they can do whatever they want without the teacher carring. Don't you think that the students should do there work so that they can get a good job? It's up to them but they should be a little more responsable.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In Mr. Fisch's new video "Did You Know 4.0" was in a way simalar to his other video we watched in class but not really. This one talked about how soon peoples phones would be their computers and what used to fit in a building now fits in you pocket. And how that in the future, near or far, that we will be able to have micro chips installed in us and use that as a computer. How technology will change us, the human race, find people and places easier then before. How it will change buildings, car and life. I like this quote that I read that might go with this video "The future isn't what it used to be."

Monday, September 14, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson it talks about how we're in a new era of writing and that formal writing is dieing art. A professor at Stanford conducted a study that took place from 2001 to 2006 and she collected over 14,000 writing samples. These samples included journals, essays, blogs, chat sessions and such. After looking these over she discovered that writing isn't dieing it's being revived and used more than ever. About 38% of the writing is done outside the class room. It also means that our generation is doing the most writing in a long time. which relates to the computers that know everything, will these people keep on handwriting or will they just put the computer aside and go play sports? You decide.


In the blog article "Filters Work" from 2¢ Worth by David Warlick it talked about how when in school if the teachers wanted to get to a certain block on a site they would just ask the student to get past the block. And when the teachers were asked how they got around the blocks the teachers would either say 'I don't know' and 'I don't know, I just asked my students'. Really the only thing the blocks block are the teachers. And if it only blocks the teachers then what will happen when the students completely outsmart the system? Will they go on to work for the government because they can crack any computer code? or will they spend the rest of their lives hacking and destroying?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Matters

Family: Family matters to me because they take care of me and help me through tough spots. Some of the people in my family are my mom Cindy, dad Bob, and little sister Brooke. They are important to me because they help me get through tough spots and are there when I need them.

Friends: Friends matter to me because I can usually talk to them about whatever I want to and they won't tell anyone and they are there when something happens at school for me. They also will help me if we're on the same sports team then they can help me when I'm at the practice or at a game.

Faith/Religion: Religion matters to me because it helps me through the tough spots that nobody else but me can get through.And when I go there I see friends from camp and that are in my youth group that I can talkk to about what we're working on.


Micheal Wesch's video was like nothing I've ever seen before. It made sense and was really outside of the box. It talked about how we were teaching the machine. It kind of relates to Mr. Fisch's video about how computers would be better than the human brain. It was just interesting to think along those lines about how we are the machine by teaching the machine what to do and when to do it. Now in 2049 maybe the computers will already know what to do and if they do then we would not need to use them anymore because they would do it all for us. Then once we realize that what will we do? will we go back to hand writing or totally forget about computers completely because they do everything for us? What would happen.

Monday, August 31, 2009


"Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" The post editorials: Author unknown. In these articles the people being interviewed talked about how girls were taking over the college campus's. It also talked about how the dating scenes were diminishing and that the girls were dominating in the class room and the boys weren't as much. They only interviewed 3 or 4 colleges about this gender difference so its probably not that big yet. It's just happening at a few colleges around the United States. We should still think about this and its affect that it might have on society, good or bad we should think about it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did You Know/ PLN 1

After watching Mr. Fisch's video I have learned what matters is about students,world and education is that we should slow down our technological evolution because in the 2049 computers that cost $1,000 will be able to surpass the human brain and the human race. That 1 MySpace page, on average, is visited 30+ times a day. And if MySpace were a country, it would be the 5th largest in the world. And during that video 67 babies will be born in the US, 136
will be born in China and 396 babies will be born in India. It also talks about how in 2049 a average computer will cost $1000 and will be smarter then the human race. This information is mind blowing and we should all think about how fast we are integrating, moving, updating and every thing in between.