Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PLN 11

In the video from Mr. Fisch called the 2020 Vision, it described what would happen in the future like Google and Microsoft teaming up and making almost a monopoly of the computer industry and how the 100 dollar laptop project successfully sent it's first real $100 laptop in 2014 to countries like Africa and they were powered by the Google Grid. This is made of highly efficient solar cells. With the price of laptops around $400 they were considered a mandatory school supplies. This meant that everyone at Arapahoe had a laptop so the school was all digitally organized. While in the process of going digital the school brought in Google Cam to make sure, even if you weren't at school, you could still be in the class with Skype and making the video a pod-cast. The school was now completely digital know and they were doing everything to improve it.

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