Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PLN 24

In the article "It's Official: Water Found on the Moon" by Andrea Thompson showed and talked about the excitement in the science community because someone found water on the moon. They found the water on the southern polar ice cap and now will be sending a couple of space craft to go and dig a little deeper. Scientist said that the only way to have water on the moon was to have it in a crater large enough that it didn’t have any sunlight because if there was sunlight involved then the water would just evaporate because of the thinness of the moons atmosphere. India and the United States will be sending probes to the moon but the Indian spacecraft will not land on the surface of the moon because they don’t have the correct equipment and will just be doing a sort of fly by and looking for other water signatures on the moons surface. Our satellite will be landing in the crater were the water was found and will be searching around for any more traces of water. About 40 years ago we sent the first humans to the moon and they brought back moon rock samples. The bags that were containing the samples had leaked and when they were back on Earth the scientist found water signatures on the rocks but the water signatures were so close to the Earths water signature that the scientist couldn’t tell the difference. Now that we have found water on the moon we have opened so many new doors for space travel and maybe living on the moon.