Monday, September 14, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson it talks about how we're in a new era of writing and that formal writing is dieing art. A professor at Stanford conducted a study that took place from 2001 to 2006 and she collected over 14,000 writing samples. These samples included journals, essays, blogs, chat sessions and such. After looking these over she discovered that writing isn't dieing it's being revived and used more than ever. About 38% of the writing is done outside the class room. It also means that our generation is doing the most writing in a long time. which relates to the computers that know everything, will these people keep on handwriting or will they just put the computer aside and go play sports? You decide.


In the blog article "Filters Work" from 2¢ Worth by David Warlick it talked about how when in school if the teachers wanted to get to a certain block on a site they would just ask the student to get past the block. And when the teachers were asked how they got around the blocks the teachers would either say 'I don't know' and 'I don't know, I just asked my students'. Really the only thing the blocks block are the teachers. And if it only blocks the teachers then what will happen when the students completely outsmart the system? Will they go on to work for the government because they can crack any computer code? or will they spend the rest of their lives hacking and destroying?