Sunday, November 22, 2009

PLN 25

In the article "The Wrath of a Killdozer" by Jason Bellows talks about a man that had to shut down his muffler shop and everyone that he was trying to get him to back him up on his case didn't back him up. The people that were trying to get his property but he went to court about it. He wasn't going to win because his building wasn’t hooked up to the public sewer system so the county fined him $2500. While he was working with the county on this case he said he would fix the plumbing issue and everything would be all fine and dandy. He didn’t receive his way and thought that the people that were moving in, which had a cement business, were bribing the mayor and the public to side with them because if you weren’t Marvin Heemeyer best friend you were his worst enemy. So he obviously hated everyone that sided against him and made a list of who he was going to kill because he didn’t get his way. Before he had lost the property he bought a bull dozer to attach his facility to the sewer system but they said no. Before he had to give the property to the cement business he sold it to a trash business and had 6 months to leave. Before he left he still had the bull dozer and thought, why don’t I go on a crazy killing spree rampage before I leave! So he built a 30 ton shell for the bull dozer made of steel plates together and between them was concrete. He packed it full of food supplies and an air tank to help the ventilation and made gun ports in the side of the screaming metal deathtrap. Once he set the shell on top there was no turning back or getting out. He had destroyed a good part of the town when he was plowing through a building and hit a small basement and got stuck and after about 10 minutes of trying to get out he committed suicide. It took the police 12 hours to crack the shell and when they did they saw that he was dead and he, oddly enough, was the only casualty because the police used reverse 911 to call everyone to tell them to get out or they would die and so they did and Marvin Heemeyer was the only casualty of this whole ordeal, which took place in the state of Colorado in Granby. This guy was a total nut case and didn’t have any grounds to go on a psychopathic rampage in a screaming metal deathtrap. He got evicted, so what, he had at least 3 other muffler shops around town he could have gone to work at but instead he had to go on a rampage that cost about 7 million dollars. In the end, do you think this rampage was worth his life?

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