Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

In the article Keyboard vs. Pen by Virginia Beringer I agree with the results of that article. When writing on the computer I tend to be more lazy with spelling and grammar because I know that the computer will check it and I can go back and fix it when I'm done. While writing I am more careful especially when writing in pen because if I mess up then I have to restart. Since I usually don’t use a keyboard to write, I write I go pretty fast and don’t usually have a lot of mistakes.


  1. Hi there Parker I'm Dan (your mentor). I agree using a pen/pencil forces you to concentrate a bit more, but do you think that you can write with better quality (content) on computer or with a pen?

  2. Hi, I'm your other mentor, Danielle. I agree with you. Many people become dependent on spell and grammar checks on the computer. When it comes time to write an essay on an exam, those people usually suffer. They can't identify their own errors. I also think that my thoughts while using a pen and paper are more focused. What's your opinion?