Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Matters

Family: Family matters to me because they take care of me and help me through tough spots. Some of the people in my family are my mom Cindy, dad Bob, and little sister Brooke. They are important to me because they help me get through tough spots and are there when I need them.

Friends: Friends matter to me because I can usually talk to them about whatever I want to and they won't tell anyone and they are there when something happens at school for me. They also will help me if we're on the same sports team then they can help me when I'm at the practice or at a game.

Faith/Religion: Religion matters to me because it helps me through the tough spots that nobody else but me can get through.And when I go there I see friends from camp and that are in my youth group that I can talkk to about what we're working on.


Micheal Wesch's video was like nothing I've ever seen before. It made sense and was really outside of the box. It talked about how we were teaching the machine. It kind of relates to Mr. Fisch's video about how computers would be better than the human brain. It was just interesting to think along those lines about how we are the machine by teaching the machine what to do and when to do it. Now in 2049 maybe the computers will already know what to do and if they do then we would not need to use them anymore because they would do it all for us. Then once we realize that what will we do? will we go back to hand writing or totally forget about computers completely because they do everything for us? What would happen.