Monday, November 23, 2009

PLN 21

In the article "In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates You" talked about when the United States dropped the A-Bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Russia saw that and was amazed because of the destruction of the bomb. So the Russians decided to start trying to make an A-Bomb of their very own to “blow” anyone away in a war situation. When Russia started making their plutonium for the bomb they made a secret facility in the mountains and started dumping the toxic waste into a river than ran almost all the way through the continent. People closest to the river would look at the river and sometimes see a type of discoloration and kind of gloss that isn’t usually there. They were worried because that was the cities drinking water. Mind you the year was around 1945 and Russia wasn’t very up to date technologically wise so they didn’t have clean water. When the organization found out about the contaminated water they tried to clean it up a little bit but it continued. When the people started complaining to the government about how they were coughing up blood and other symptoms of radiation poisoning they organization started to do something about it. What they did was run the radioactive water through 80,000 gallon tanks to cool them off and settle the harmful chemicals in them. What happened was the chemicals would sink to the bottom and pack together and form a TNT like substance and then the less harmful water would pass through into a giant 10 foot deep by 20 acres across lake that wasn’t connected to anything else. After a little while the symptoms had started to die down a little and then when some new plutonium water hit the TNT like substance and exploded and spread about 5 miles. The government had to evacuate the cities close enough to the area that they saw the explosion and felt the acid rain. The group continued to use the containers for running the water through because they couldn’t think of anything else to clean the water with. Soon they figured out that the lake was leaking through the ground and leaking into the drinking water and getting more people sick. They had to close the plant after going public with it and cementing over the lake, which didn’t really do much because the cement just pushed the contaminated water back and down into the dirt. Now in the current day the Russian government had to put signs around a 10 mile radius that tells people to roll up there windows and don’t stop for anything. Also the government had to evacuate the area because of the contamination. That’s why when you do something you need to be prepared.